Individual Coaching

Because sometimes you need a little extra support

One on one coaching: in-person (coach’s office or at organizational site) or by phone. In person sessions are typically an hour, phone 30 minutes; one to two hours per month; usually 3 – 6 months in duration. Individualized goals and plan with accountabilities are developed.


This is the starting place; you come with courage, we’ll build on it. It’s the baseline for higher levels of effectiveness and transformation.
Coaching provides insights, clarity, motivation, accountabilities and acknowledgement for growth beyond courage.


The first step is understanding and identifying your current state. 
Assessing strengths and challenges; values, purpose and current levels of effectiveness and consciousness; 
moving toward a more desirable state as identified by you.


Goals are based on current reality, vision and aspirations. Coaching supports progress with individualized practices and tools, 
aiming for higher level consciousness and success.

Learning and Change

Coaching provides new focus and understanding:
Concepts – keys for Neuroplasticity* and health, integration of brain function, avoiding saboteurs and hijacks
Tools – Seven Levels of Effectiveness™* and stress management


Leadership is both personal and professional, and includes emotional intelligence, insight, reflection, impact and effectiveness. Coaching utilizes leadership skills of trust, listening, agreements, empathy, acknowledgement, neuroscience and feedback.

Continued Success

Completion celebrates goals achieved and new benchmarks for continued success. Neuroscience tools provide structure for continued personal and professional growth. “As needed” post contract coaching is available.

I’ve been forging new nuero-pathways with Joan for almost a year with the most amazing results. My life is 100% more manageable, sustainable and enjoyable, and I’m not even ready to quit! If I keep this up, I’m confident that I’ll soon be sprouting wings. SO grateful!

Annette Rondano, The Great Metropolitan Backrub, Owner

I was dissatisfied with my work to the point that I couldn’t wait to quit, but since coaching with Joan I have regained much of the pleasure I once found in my work. Not only that, but I have discovered ways to simplify my tasks, be more efficient and delegate to staff so I do not carry as heavy of a workload.

C. Mills, Marketing/Member Services Manager

Relationship coaching with Joan Haan has given me the tools to effectively communicate with others, leading to a higher patient retention rate and to building my practice.

Nicole H., Chiropractor, Owner


Based on BEabove LeadershipTeam Coaching International and Co-Active Coaching *The Seven Levels of Individual, Group and Organizational Effectiveness, ©2014 BEabove Leadership, all rights reserved. The levels include: Hopelessness, Fear, Frustration, Courage, Engagement, Innovation and Synchronicity **Neuroplasticity refers to the brain’s capacity to change throughout life in response to learning or experience.

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