Luther College

For years we looked for a coach who understood and respected us but who could also challenge and push us. The energy we felt in our first meeting only continued to grow. She listened deeply, met us where we were and took us to new levels of growth and effectiveness. We regularly refer to the seven levels of personal, group and organizational effectiveness*. We are so grateful for Joan and all we have learned.

Amy Zalk Larson, Campus Pastor
Office for College Ministries

White Dove Foundation Board

Joan spent a week doing leadership training with our students in Rwanda, including teaching them the 7 levels of effectiveness*.  The young women responded very well and can’t wait to have her return.  Their confidence and demeanor, and motivation improved tremendously because of the training.

Margaret Hottinger, Chair

 Iraqi & American Reconciliation Project

I appreciate your considerate while directive style.  I feel like you get down to business, don’t waste time and yet catch the nuances. I appreciate your time and attention in your work with our Board of Directors.

Kathy McKay, Executive Director

Fairview Integrated Pharmacy Leadership Team

The highlight was learning more about who each member of the team is; being able to work on our shared vision. The biggest impact was to understand the team dynamics more – can better communicate & move ideas forward on this team.
Amanda Brummel, MTM Program Manager

The Impact:

Team is ready to move forward. High levels of engagement . . . .Clear direction. Goal oriented.
Bob Beacher, RPh, Fairview vice president of shared clinical services and president Fairview Pharmacy Services

We now have a better understanding of team priorities & individual roles/people.The session was insightful and fun . . .
Jenny Marchiniak, SPHR, Director, Human Resources and Training

Progress toward the outcome i.e. shared vision. We now know the purpose of the team/group.
Rich Braden, Director of Sales

You did a very nice job.  Kept us moving which fits my short attention span.  Thank you!
Craig Else, Director of in-patient Pharmacy, Ridges

Getting to know one another better; Hearing from others, RE: their points of view, passions etc.  This was a fun and productive day!
Carl Woetzel, Director of in-patient Pharmacy, Southdale

Allina Medical Transport

This experience opened my eyes to what our team’s strengths and areas of improvement are as well as my own. By knowing these things we can continue to work on improving them and becoming stronger as individuals as well as a team. If we didn’t go through this process I don’t think we would have identified some of these things on our own. I just want to thank you for your time and commitment to our team.
Samara Calderon, Human Resources

I feel the Team Diagnostic Assessment tool really made us change our thinking about how we interact with each other.  It also demonstrated the good work we already do today and the great potential this group has in the future.

Great job, I think we accomplished a lot in the last 6 months and I feel we are prepared to continue these learning’s as we go forward.
Chuck Kaufman, Director of Communications

Major learning’s:

. . . . relationships are at the heart of success. Even when we may not agree with one another, it is key to have means by which to air different points of view, be respectful of one another, and build a stronger outcome in the end.
Brian LaCroix, President, Allina Health Emergency Medical Services

I learned more about our silo issues.  I hear less statement of, well he will never… or that will not work because… I’ve noticed a profound change in some of our leaders. . . . You were able to get us to do goofy exercises yet relayed it well to leadership and team building!
Kevin Miller, Operations Director

We are now keenly aware of our team strength.  This can create greater team trust.  It can manifest itself in the group’s reliance on one another. . . . Thanks for your time and effort – you made a difference in our work lives!
Mark Anderson, Director of Finance

The Great Metropolitan Backrub

I’ve been forging new nuero-pathways with Joan for almost a year with the most amazing results. My life is 100% more manageable, sustainable and enjoyable… and I’m not even ready to quit! If I keep this up, I’m confident that I’ll soon be sprouting wings. SO grateful!

Annette Rondano, Owner

 N2Living Strong 

I enjoyed the tools for managing stress. They may all be familiar to us, but it’s useful to name them and reflect on how many of these tools we actually practice regularly.
Kathy Nelson

I learned some good techniques in just a short period of time that can be very valuable to controlling every day stress.
Braunson Landro, Manager

 Creating a Culture of Peace

Joan brings wisdom, insight, skill, energy, vision and compassion to her work.  I think the strongest thing that I can say about her is that she is both a sensitive listener and a proactive leader and facilitator.  Most important, she knows when to listen and when to lead.  I am especially impressed by Joan’s ability and willingness to take risks with groups.  She is open and vulnerable to experimenting with initiatives with no guarantee of success.  In my experience, such leadership is a treasured resource in any group or organization that seeks to be compassionate and effective.

Rev. Don Christensen



Your coaching in the Seven Levels of Effectiveness* has been helpful for me. I did need your encouragement, modeling and help actively practicing the steps initially, but am now able to implement them in both personal and work situations on my own. I have become more accepting of where I am, and look to find the pearl in where I am. The time we have spent together has been both valuable and practical. I feel like I have some tools to be more effective.

Dr. Laura, Holistic Healthcare, P.A. 

I found that Joan was the calm, centering perspective that let me see my life in a new way. She essentially creates a sanctuary for her clients, so that within each session I was able to step out of the moment, find my inner director, and start taking control of my life.

Joan’s temperament is well suited to the listening and asking that allowed me to find my own answers. Each time I left our sessions, I felt invigorated and positive. By removing some mental clutter in the process, I was able to find the things that center me to begin with. I feel that Joan helped me at a critical juncture — or rather, she helped me help myself. Thank you, Joan!

C. Stanton, Marketing Communications Specialist


I was dissatisfied with my work to the point that I couldn’t wait to quit, but since coaching with Joan I have regained much of the pleasure I once found in my work. Not only that, but I have discovered ways to simplify my tasks, be more efficient and delegate to staff so I do not carry as heavy of a workload.

C. Mills, Marketing/Member Services Manager

Relationship coaching with Joan Haan has given me the tools to effectively communicate with others leading to a higher patient retention rate and to building my practice.

Nicole H., Chiropractor, Owner