Organizational Coaching

Build a team that functions well together and maximizes results

Not for profit or for profit groups or boards: team development, retreat or training session; from a 90-minute workshop to a 2-day in-depth team develop assessment and facilitation. Longer sessions include follow-up and accountabilities by conference call or on site. With larger groups a second coach may be contracted.


Some cringe at the word team, but team means organizational growth.
Through shared vision, clear roles, mutual respect, constructive communication, camaraderie and challenging goals,
teamwork success is well beyond individual contribution.

Positive Culture

Positive culture promotes wellbeing and sustains high performance. Coaching supports continuous commitment to relationships, trust, recognition and transparency; translating into a constructive, effective workplace.


“Win-win” is not a platitude – it’s a way to ensure success – revenue, resources or effectiveness. Coaching identifies organizational strengths and challenges;
supporting alignment, accountability, creativity and efficient decision making.


Innovation means brining fresh ideas to life through exploring effective, rewarding solutions – without ego. It’s a very high functioning level, often difficult to prolong; and
requires engagement, expansion and solutions thinking – the focus of coaching.


Leadership comes from all angles, both hierarchical and horizontal. It encourages diverse member contribution; adapting to what works for each. Coaching utilizes The Seven Levels of Effectiveness™ and neuroscience to maximize individual and team leadership strengths and success.

Maintain Growth

Coaching includes follow-up to support focus, direction, inspiration and accountability; checking back on what was agreed by the individuals or team;
defining a blueprint for ongoing success.

Encouraging teams to be a team.

Sometimes you have to go back to the basics

For years we looked for a coach who understood and respected us but who could also challenge and push us. The energy we felt in our first meeting only continued to grow. She listened deeply, met us where we were and took us to new levels of growth and effectiveness. We regularly refer to the seven levels of personal, group and organizational effectiveness*. We are so grateful for Joan and all we have learned.

Amy Zalk Larson, Campus Pastor 
Luther College

The highlight was learning more about who each member of the team is; being able to work on our shared vision. The biggest impact was to understand the team dynamics more - can better communicate & move ideas forward on this team.

Amanda Brummel, MTM Program Manager, Fairview Pharmacy

I appreciate your considerate while directive style. I feel like you get down to business, don't waste time and yet catch the nuances. I appreciate your time and attention in your work with our Board of Directors.

Kathy McKay, Iraqi & American Reconciliation Project, Executive Director


Based on BEabove Leadership, Team Coaching International and Co-Active Coaching *The Seven Levels of Individual, Group and Organizational Effectiveness, ©2014 BEabove Leadership, all rights reserved. The levels include: Hopelessness, Fear, Frustration, Courage, Engagement, Innovation and Synchronicity **Neuroplasticity refers to the brain’s capacity to change throughout life in response to learning or experience.

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